Comprehensive Retail Solutions


We provide a full suite of Retail solutions, from POS, CRM, ERP, Online Market Places and Retail Analytics

Our Services

We provide a full suite of comprehensive Retail solutions

Online Stores

S-Cube provide online stores to suit every business needs, including branded Direct to Customer eStores, mutli-tenanted niche Marketplaces, or integration with the worlds leading Mega Marketplaces.



Enhance your customer experience through fast and efficient ordering and payment facilities.



Our suite of CRM and ERP solutions are designed to streamline your business operations. 

Retail Analytics

Provding analytical data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, etc. that are crucial for making marketing, and procurement decisions.

Why Choose S-Cube?

S-Cube has a strong track record of working with many prestegious brands. We have comprehensive Retail solutions to suit every business need.  

Strong Track Record

S-Cube has a strong track record working with the world's leading brands, delivering a wide variety of solutions, from branded eStores, Niche Marketplaces, CRM, ERP and Retail Analytics.

Advanced Technology

S-Cube's advanced core technology delivers robust, dynamic and secure solutions, leveraging on our proprietory Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology. 

Excellent User Experience

Our in-house design team are highly experienced, working across mulitiple technologies and platforms, from social media, back office to eCommerce, and combine the very best of all user experience trends, features and rick graphics/animation into our solutions.

Why is ERP so important to my Business?

 Through S-Cube Enterprise resource planning (ERP), you can integrate your main business processes, providing a continuously updated view of core business processes, and access to real-time insights across the entire business.

Total Visibility


Our ERP provides systematic and uniform flow of business data and information across all departments in an organization. This real-time information allows you to make better business decisions and ensures you that all the information and data is completely up to date and precise. Get a step ahead in real-time analysis with complete access to standardized and reliable data.

Improved Efficiency


Experience remarkable enhancements in efficiency and overall productivity with S-Cube ERP solutions. We can help eliminate repetition in business processes and tedious manual tasks, which saves employees valuable time. This, allows your employees to focus better on other areas of business operations or processes that need improvement.

Data Security


S-Cube ERP systems offers advanced user-permission settings. No more unsecured data exchanges between email or live messaging. Our ERP software is secure and robust, setting user permissions via role access control functionality, preventing sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands; users will be able to access only what they need to from the system.