S-Cube CRM is comprehensive technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential new customers. Our software helps our clients stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.


  • Improved Decision Making - Provide your service agents with a dashboard interface designed to handle all common scenarios, e.g. converting a new lead into a customer, or a past customer into a higher subscription tier. This way, the agent sees their dashboard not as a static collection of customer accounts, but as a fluid, constantly shifting customer relationship.
  • Convert you leads into sales - Turn cold leads into warm ones through our lead management function, and you'll boost your business's chances of doing business with them down the road.
  • Improved collaboration - Improve your team's internal bonding and ability to collaborate. S-Cube enables each service agent to use their CRM account to access, comment on, or message each other essential reports or videos, which can then be exported and downloaded in a variety of formats. Within each customer profile, many CRMs will include a history of agent interactions, allowing new agents to see which of their team members might have previously interacted with a customer.

S-Cube Value Added Benefits

S-Cube CRM provides comprehensive CRM features to help improve your services and increase your bottom line.

Understand Your Customers Better

Through S-Cube CRM, collect and centrally store all customer data, including all key engagements.  This empowers your agents to see at a glance any given customer's service history, complaint history, and any known demographic data or preferences.


With our CRM customer profile database, service agents can answer any customer questions as fast as they ask them. The resulting satisfied customers will have their needs addressed almost before they realize they have a problem in the first place. They'll consider new purchases, and recommend your services to others – making sure your bottom line stays healthy.

Boosts Customer Retention

Signicantly reduce your churn rates with S-Cube CRM. Our software focuses on sales which helps bring in customers, but our features also focus on service which helps retain them.


Our CRM service module offers a central location for staff and service agents to communicate with disgruntled customers, irrespctive of the channel of complaint, e.g. live chat, SMS, Email or Social Media. S-Cube CRM can channel all these cases, letting agents respond in a timely manner. S-Cube CRM also provides auto-generated intelligent responses to give your cusomers a feel that you are looking into their issues as a matter of urgency.

Guides the Future of your Business

Our CRM's core function is to organize data, whether through a customer profile database, through communication channels for leads, or through internal collaboration tools. This collect and centralisation of data can lead to very valuable insights.


These insights can lead to smart business decisions that will shape the entire future of your company, from employee performance monitoring to the design of new business models.