eStore & Niche Marketplaces

S-Cube provide online stores to suit every business needs, including branded Direct to Customer eStores, multi-tenanted niche Marketplaces, or integration with the worlds leading Mega Marketplaces.

  • Always open - Increase your sales and profits faster than a brick and mortar shop as selling online offers the advantage of having an open store, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.
  • Expand Customer Reach -  Our eStores empowers our customers to display their merchandise in any part of the world without additional expense, whilst providing a level playing field with their competitors through the addition of online sales.
  • Greater Flexibility - Our eStore can be updated instantly and as often as you like – for example, to promote a ‘deal of the day’ on your front page, without the need for expensive printed display material. There are no space constraints with our eStore, so you can display and sell as many products as you want, and even non-seasonal products could always be available anytime..

S-Cube Value Added Benefits

S-Cube marketplaces enable you to create group or partnerships with brands to create niche marketplaces.

Measureable Marketing

With S-Cube eStore you can reach more and more qualified customers with our perstonalised marketing module, thus improving the chances with online promotions whilst lowering your marketing costs.


With improved customer profiling, S-Cube provides the opportunity to target products and services at specific groups based on buying patterns and trends. Additionally, our   search engine optimization (SEM), makes your eStore becomes more accessible to customers searching for products just like yours.


S-Cube eStore tracks traffic on your website, including the source and channel of traffic,  page drop off rates and sales. This provides you with realtime measureable insights on your digital marketing spend.  

Niche Marketplaces

S-Cube provides our clients with the ability to create multi-tenant marketplaces, selling niche products and services. This empowers our clients to create group marketplaces, or strategic partnerships to work with other similar brands, to create a niche markteplace which has strong product variety. 


This enables our clients to share the cost of marketing spend, and also save operational costs, with shared warehousing, fulfilment and logistic services.


Our technology is heavily customisable, with a rich graphical interface, and features like augmented reality, to provide uinque online shopping experiences. 


Global Marketplace Integration

S-Cube provides a core central inventory management system, fully intergrated with the worlds largest marketplaces, to enable our clients to use a multi-channel strategy to increase their chances of sales. 


S-Cube enables global marketplaces to read inventory levels from a single source realtime, resulting in higher sales. There is no need to try and manually balance stock across multiple platforms, trying to forecast which marketplace will sell the most on which day. S-Cube fully manages inventory levels for you through direct integration.