Enhance your customer experience through fast and efficient ordering and payment facilities.


  • Improved inventory management - Our POS has a comprehensive inventory management feature that manages and tracks your inventory, e.g. create audit trails, manage stock take and trigger alerts for low stock, bundle products and centralise your product catelogue.
  • Better Employee Management - Our POS will help you manage your employees, with tracking working hours through a password protected check-in and out system, trackings sales, and fraud prevention. 
  • Increased Customer Loyalty - With our POS you’re able to see who your loyal and most valuable customers are, hold special promotions and  

    notify these customers first through our omni-channel engagement platform, as they have a higher probability of spending at your store



S-Cube Value Added Benefits

S-Cube CRM provides comprehensive CRM features to help improve your services and increase your bottom line.

Realtime Data

S-Cube POS is able to give you real-time data so you can make fast and smart business decisions to help increase sales and profit. All the information you need is stored in our POS, so you don’t need to manually check to see your best selling item, or monitor low inventory levels. 


Through our realtime data analytics, you can see:


  • best selling items
  • worst selling items
  • peak hours
  • off-peak hours
  • low stock count
  • and more!


Our POS can then determine which products need restocking, more marketing efforts, or when to run off-peak hour promotions to increase sales.


Our POS provides you with comprehensive features that will provide you with the platform for success.

Multiple Payment Options

Our POS terminals and mobile register systems lets you conveniently accept credit cards, bank cards, alternative payment methods, and mobile wallets.


Our POS system also supports eVouchers and loyalty member cards.


All payment methods are directly integrated, which saves you time and money by pushing the transaction directly to the payment terminal instead of having to enter the amount manually. This direct payment Integration also automatically updates the invoice when a payment is tendered, allowing you more accuracy in your accounting and saving you time while reconciling at the end of the night.

Cloud Synced

Our cloud-based POS system empowers you to run your business whenever and wherever you want.


Our POS system stores all data in a secure cloud environment, which means that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  More importantly, data is secure and backed up on a regular basis. 


This means that you only need hardware that acts as an interface to your customers and employees (e.g. tablets, payment terminals, etc). 


Your business can run 24/7 without any interuptions. In the event of service discruption to your internet connection, you can continue to run your business as usual, and our POS system will automically sync all data back to the cloud once you are reconnected to the internet.